Picked up my degree certificate today, so it's now all official
(even though I finished the thing 6 months ago!)

Master of Engineering
1st Class Honours
in Software Engineering

Yay me!

*Finally* that's it over.

- MugginsM
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Just got back from watching the new Star Trek movie...
(wonderful wife got us midnight tickets on the opening night!)

It is everything I hoped for!

No more aging pensioners hobbling around or pastel touchy feely TNG (which I did love).

This is Kirk, Spock, and crew kicking butt!

Excellent. Will see again.

- MugginsM
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Just ran Round The Bays. This is my third time, and the first time I've managed to
run the entire distance. After the marathon last year, it seemed really easy and
short :)

Odd thing was I couldn't go any *faster* though. Even a slight increase in pace
seemed to be too much.

Was fun.

Even with the stupid people. ("runners on the right, walkers on the left" turns out
to not apply if you have six or seven of you with children. You can start right
at the front of the runners and go as slow as you want. The runners won't mind
getting trapped behind your Sunday stroll. )

- MugginsM
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false alarm

Was all excited at the large number of policemen hanging around the house that
keeps us awake all night. So excited that I rushed out of the house without bringing
half the things I need for the day.

Unfortunately it was just a checkpoint.

- MugginsM
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The new NZ copyright "guilty upon accusation" stuff is terrible, and I'm glad to see people
are protesting against it.

However, there are a whole bunch of much worse things going on that people completely ignore
(changes to the RMA, getting rid of healthy food in schools, dumping our carbon trading system, etc)

I think nearly everyone protesting the copyright stuff is *really* just scared of getting
caught, and "the right thing" has nothing to do with it at all.

- MugginsM
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Stupid Apple, stop releasing cool stuff until I have more money.

Wonder if I can get work to pay for iWork 09 since, for a change, it's actually *for* work.

- MugginsM


I have developed a theory that Gillette design things for 15 year old asian boys.

Not for old saggy westerners with actual facial hair.

- MugginsM (bleeding)